Mission & Strategies

Our Mission;

  • With a wide range of products to meet customer needs,
  • Continuously monitor the needs of the market,
  • Creating reformations throughout R & D studies and innovations,
  • Being a Global Player, offering products that persistently meet desired quality and reliability with competitive price.
Growth To be a global brand in the sector by creating added value with its commercial perfectionism by considering the changing world dynamics and sharing this value with its stakeholders.
Branding&Marketing To be a Global Band that analyzes the demands of the market, focuses on customer satisfaction, social responsibility, quality, price and stability.
Product Innovative with a wide range of products, keeping a close eye on the needs of the market; to offer products that combine quality and reliability with competitive price.
Human Resources To be a nondiscriminatory company that sees its employees as the most valuable asset, in terms of holding the talents, ensuring motivation and loyalty at the highest level, and train the executive positions of the future.
Supply Chain To build a supply chain that creates added value when producing, creating value-added, sustainable quality and timely responding to needs just in time.

Our vision;

To become a respected brand by carrying safely the future of the World with innovative products and advanced technology.

Our strategy;

Short Term

  • Develop new products with different / alternative raw materials and production methods,
  • Improvement of Existing Production Techniques by means of,

o Simplification

o Cost Reduction

o Enforcing control processes

  • University – Industry Collaboration Projects

Medium Term

  • Variating and developing material technologies
  • Establishing solution partnerships with suppliers and customers

Long Term

  • Enforcing Market expansion with new technology products
  • Utilizing our existing technological and academic knowledge for entering new markets