İşbir Holding was established in 1968, with small savings of shareholders.

The first investment was made in Balikesir in October,1968 under the name of İşbir Sentetik Dokuma Sanayi A.Ş. Afterward, İşbir Sünger Sanayi A.Ş. was established in Ankara in 1977.

Isbir companies have become the market leaders since they were established. As of today, İşbir Holding serves many individuals and corporate partners in a production area of 185.000 square meters


İşbir Sentetik was established in 1968. İşbir Sentetik operates in the sectors of industrial packaging and technical textiles in a 130.000 square meter closed area. İşbir Sentetik’s structure allows an integrated system for the production of tape, continuous filament, technical fabrics, and packaging materials from polypropylene raw material and blown films from polyethylene raw material.

  • Big Bags (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container )
  • Carpet backings
  • Shrink Hood ve Stretch Hood
  • Compound Masterbacht
  • Shrink Hood and Stretch Hood

İşbir Sentetik, which is one of the first synthetic weaving companies in Turkey, operates in the fields of technical textiles and industrial packaging, exports 70% of the total production.
İşbir Sentetik provides a local service to 55 countries all over the world through its global organizational structure.


The company which is a subsidiary of İşbir Sentetik, was established in 1992 and it has been operating at the production site located in Industrial Zone 1 in Balıkesir.

İnter Tekstil manufactures the components and accessories of the Big Bags such as tapes, coated and uncoated fabrics, loops, filler cords and tie strings.


İşbir Mewar was established in July 2017 in Udaipur, India. It was established as a 50%-50% partnership, and it has joined İşbir Sentetik as 100% since December 2020.

İşbir Mewar’s structure allows an integrated system for the production of tapes, continuous filaments, technical fabrics, and packaging materials from polypropylene raw material. The production capacity is yearly 4.000 tonnes.


İşbir Sünger as a subsidiary of Isbir Holding was established in Ankara in 1977 and has become the market leader in the flexible foam industry.

İşbir Sünger produces a "high-quality sponge" which is the basic input of the beds, armchairs, couches, and sitting-groups, home-textiles, auto upholstery, packaging industry as well as the noise insulation applications.

Based on the quality and production capacity, the Company manufactures flexible polyurethane sponges with many different densities, colors, sizes, forms, and physical properties.


İşbir Yatak (Bedding) was established as the most recent investment of İşbir Holding, functioning under İşbir Sünger A.Ş. 

İşbir Sünger transfers its knowledge and experience to the mattress industry with the philosophy of using ‘Hi-Tech For Healthy And Comfortable Sleep.’

Main Activities:

İşbir Yatak, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction when positioning the product and brand name, has become the customer's first choice in supreme technology and mattresses for those who care about their health and comfort.


İşbir Ziraat, has developed the animal matresses using the comfort and experience of İşbir Sünger and İşbir Yatak. İşbir Ziraat presented the product to the market in 2008 with the trade name “RANCH BED”. Apart from animal mattresses, the company serves rubber floorings, manure management, automatic waterers, and other auxiliary types of equipment in the market.