Big Bag

Big Bags are flexible intermediate bulk containers that provide a high level of safety usage as well as easy filling and discharging facilities. They protect the filled product against foreign particles, UV, and moisture. Furthermore, they facilitate easy transportation and storage of the product.

Big Bags can be manufactured in different sizes, colors, and specifications with one, two, or four loops options according to the customer’s requirements.

We deliver the best solution in the form of a Big Bag for handling your product via our experience by serving for the most demanding products and processes in the world especially in the Chemical, Food, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Within the production steps from raw material to the storage of the final product, carefully placed procedures assure contamination-free Big Bags. HACCP and ISO certifications for food-grade production ensure protection against contamination.

The highly versatile orientation of the Big Bag sewing workshops provides no limitations in order quantities as well as short lead times and excellent adaptation in “emergency” situations.

Being a global player requires continuous improvements for attaining better manufacturing techniques and practices. Our global existence allows a single source of supply for customers all around the world.