* Disposable face mask is used for the protection of the nose and mouth from pollution, germs, chemicals, fluids, and dust. Additionally, it prevents bacterial and viral illnesses.

* Made of nonwoven polypropylene fabric for easy breath. It fits your face better with an adjustable nose bridge and three layers.

*Produced zero-touch with automatic machines in hygienic standards.

*More comfortable to wear with high elastic ergonomic earloops.

Using Instructions: The part with the metal bridge should be above the mask. The mask should be worn to the face by covering the nose and mouth. After wearing the mask, squeeze the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose.


* Do not use it more than one time as the mask is a disposable product.

* Wear the mask after cleaning your face with soap and disinfected hands.

* Do not touch the mask with your hands while using it after wearing the mask.

* Do not wash the mask. Replace if it gets wet during usage

* It is not totally taken away the risk of infection while using the product. You have to take other precautions as well.

* Do not use it if you have allergens for polypropylene as the product is made from polypropylene material.