UN Big Bag

The international transport of dangerous goods in Big Bags is regulated by a number of international codes based on the United Nations Recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods “Orange Book”. Orange Book divides Big Bags into six categories namely metal, flexible, rigid plastics, composite, fibreboard, and wooden. There are four types of Big Bags described which constitute the great majority of the FIBC’s and they are as follows ;

PP woven Big Bags, without coating (13H1)

PP woven Big Bags, with the coating(13H2)

PP woven Big Bags, with liner, without coating (13H3)

PP woven Big Bags, with liner and coating (13H4)

İşbir Sentetik, with long years of experience, produces UN Certified FIBC’s for Packaging Groups II and III which are certified by well-known laboratories.

UN Test

Several tests are applied to the UN Certified Big Bags in order to verify UN requirements such as ;

Top lift test, Tear test, Stacking test, Drop test, Topple test, Righting test

UN Marking on Big Bags

All the UN Certified FIBC’s must have the UN mark on them. The appearance of this mark is described in the Orange Book.

A marking example;

13H3 / Z / 11.01 / US / ISBIR SENTETIK / 10500 / 1000

13H3 Denotes Big Bag with liner

Z Denotes that the Big Bag has been tested to carry Packing Group III product

11.01 Denotes the month and year of manufacture

US Denotes the country issuing the UN test certificate

ISBIR SENTETIK Denotes the manufacturer

10500 Denotes the stacking test weight applied in kgs

1000 Denotes maximum weight of contents in kgs