The impact of human activity on greenhouse gas emissions will create immense devastation to our planet if we don’t move urgently to limit the emissions.

Isbir Sentetik is totally aware and agrees that a drastic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is needed all around the world. Inline, we committed to carry out a series of initiatives that will protect the environment and boost the green economy with decarbonization goals until 2050.

Within this framework, we have an environmentally friendly and experienced team which have been working to decrease our carbon emissions and increase our green impact on the environment. Our team focuses on increasing the awareness of the world about Sustainability and decrease the carbon emission of our product & production.

We invested in renewable energy sources and completed our Solar Energy Projects at our 2 production facilities with a total capacity of 9,746 KWP. Our new energy system produces annually 12.144.780 KWH fossil-free energy. With these projects yearly 142.093 pcs trees are saved and we can reduce CO2 emission by 4.760.753 kgs per year.